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    Unanswered: Problem with Drop Table and Field name chage

    I had two servers of SQL 2000 with distributor and publisher mode for replications. I wanted to change one field name of a table, I did the following:
    1. stopped publishing,
    2. Stopped distribution
    3.Re-started the servers.

    But when I want to save the changed field name i am getting this error


    Saturday, October 18, 2003 12:59:08 PM

    User: sa

    Server: SSD-SQL2

    Database: PAIFORWEB

    Application: MS SQLEM - Data Tools


    'CC02' table
    - Unable to rename column from 'INWARD' to 'INWARDxyz'.
    ODBC error: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Cannot rename the table because it is published for replication.

    I am getting the same error while dropping the database toout when I checked the replication there is no distribution and publication is existing.

    Please help, it is most urgent to me.

    Thanks in advance.

    Sabyasachi Sen

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    search for "manually removing replication" in google prior to proceeding with object rename.

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