i'm trying to import the results of the database-research from "chemical abstracts" into endnote. not really difficult for the new database. but i've got problems working with CAS-entries from 1997 and older.

there are just 5 tags: AN, TI, BI, KW, IN
the most needed information stands behind "BI"

for example:

AN 127:267606
TI Optimal remediation policy selection under general conditions.
BI Wang, M.; Zheng, C. (Dep. Geol., Univ. Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0338, USA). Ground Water, 35(5), 757-764 (English) 1997 Ground Water Publishing CODEN: GRWAAP. ISSN: 0017-467X. DOCUMENT TYPE: Journal CA Section: 61 (Water)
AB A new simulation-optimization model has been developed for the optimal design of ground-water remediation systems under a variety of field conditions.........
KW groundwater pollution remediation policy selection
IN Environmental modeling, .....

im trying to write a filter to get the entries from BI to put them in the right fields: Author, Year, Journal/Conference Name, Pages, CODEN, Language, ISSN.

is there any filter to import all the informations from the older database in the right order into the endnote-library?
how can endnote recognize the Document Type (standing behind BI-tag?)