Please I am hoping someone can me help with this weird and wonderful problem.

We have developed a sales system for a client using a VB 6.0 Front end using ADO and An Access 2000 Database as the backend. The software runs through a network of 5 client PCS. They all connect to the serber machine which is running XP Pro. The server machine has the same software running on it with extra features for management. All the machines have linked databases.

We keep getting object is not allowed in this context errors when trying to access certain managerial areas. Also an error comes up saying that the database has been placed in an unaccessible state by PC1 for example which is one of the client PC's. I have set the options in advanced to no locks and everything but to no avail.

This is definately a network based problem because the software runs perfectly on a stand alone system.

We are opening connections and closing them all the time when accessing the database as well.