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    Unhappy Unanswered: VB 6 Front End Multi User App W/ Access DB PROBLEM

    Hi hopefully someone can help me out here.

    We have developed a multi user application there are 5 client PC's connecting to a server with the access database on. Client PC's are running XP Home server is running XP Professional.

    The server is also running our custom software they just access the managerial area instead of the sales area which is used on the clients.

    The problem we keep getting is that the database keeps coming up saying that it has been placed in a locked state or something like that by Client 1 for example. This does not happen all the time, it only occurs sometimes. I will list the exact error later when I have the number written down. We also get an error number of - 2147687846... as far as I know this is an external error code and not a VB error. Which means the problem will be with the database.

    The software works perfectly on a single PC so the problem has to be with locking. I have also set in the advanced tab all the locking options such as shard and no locks.

    The clients all have a linked database connecting to the server.

    Any suggestions on what the problem could be ? Will MTS or MSMQ help the situation ?? Can MTS be installed on XP ?


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    Both MSMQ and MTS have nothing at all to do with this scenario.

    I suggest that you go to and see if this isn't a known-problem. I'm sure that it must be. Look for a downloadable update.
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