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    Unanswered: A new way to use Oracle scripts

    Easyscript for Oracle is a tool to organize your daily use scripts into a readable and maintainable document,
    you can find right script quickly and easily, and run scripts against the database on the fly with an immediate HTML output.
    so you can take snapshot of your database whenever you like in a very easy way.
    there are lots of excellent scripts shipped with Easyscript for Oracle that you can use to manage the databases.

    Scripts can be set up to monitor multiple databases automatically,
    and Information about the database is presented in a comprehensive way in a pretty HTML layout,
    This is all done without any user intervention.

    This tool helps to DBAs to manage the databases,and making things easier every day,
    especially useful when visiting a client site for the first time and/or a site that has a problem.

    With Easyscript for Oracle ,DBA can share and exchange script with each other in an easy very!

    Download it now at:

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    It will be better if includes more scripts

    This tool works fine for me, but it will be great if it can include more
    scripts with it.

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    Re: It will be better if includes more scripts

    We have just add more scripts,please check it:

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