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    Unanswered: mySQL error from table handler

    I run an online notice board using Invision software. We periodically have this error, today it lasted about 30 minutes and then righted itself.

    mySQL query error: SELECT s.member_id, s.member_name, s.login_type, s.location, g.suffix, g.prefix
    FROM ibf_sessions s
    LEFT JOIN ibf_groups g ON (g.g_id=s.member_group)
    WHERE s.in_topic='11581'
    AND s.running_time > '1066568043'ORDER BY s.running_time DESC

    mySQL error: Got error 127 from table handler
    mySQL error code: 1030
    Date: Sunday 19th of October 2003 03:09:03 PM
    Can anyone offer any insight into what the problem is please?

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    Your data file seem to be corrupt

    You should try to use Myisamchk [options] file_name
    Olivier Miossec

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