I have constructed a sales cube
Customers can be grouped by Region, and also by Corporate Banner (eg Caltex, McDonalds)
SalesItem is the fact table, and there are two dimensions - Customer.Region and Customer.Banner

I am trying to build a query that will display the count of customers (and the count as a percentage of total customers) for each Region, for each Banner. So the results will be Banners across the top, Regions down the side, and the cells will contain the number of customers for the given Banner & Region

I have the following MDX which returns the banners and Regions:

SELECT {[Customer].[Banner].[Banner Code].Members} on COLUMNS,
{[Customer].[Location].[Region Name].Members} on ROWS
FROM [sales]

but I can't get the count of customers for banner and region

as a newbie to olap and MDX, I am struggling a little with simple queries, so any help on this would be appreciated!!!

Thanks in advance for any help