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    Unhappy Unanswered: Showing a subset of data in cubes/dimensions

    I’ve got a SALES cube that contains sales data from several branches and for different time periods. This cube has several dimensions but the one in question is a BRANCH dimension.

    The BRANCH dimension is structured as follows –
    (The -‘s denote the levels in the hierarchy of the dimension)
    The source database for this dimension contains 3 tables –, dbo.state and dbo.branch.

    Normally when I create the BRANCH dimension, it contains all the branches from all states and countries. For example, the dimension contains all branches from all 50 states of the country USA. What I want is a subset of the states; say just 25 states in the dimension instead of all the states. What do I have to do?

    My aim with the dimension is that I can restrict users from a group of states from accessing information of other states.

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    Don't worry, I've got the solution to this problem.

    I'm using the "source table filter" property in the Dimension Editor. Using this I can set the states I want displayed in the dimension.

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