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    Unanswered: ODBC connection for Sybase ver 4.9.1

    I have 5 Sybase servers all version 4.9.1, running on VAX VMS, with only the DECNET network protocol. All the servers have the same Sybase server name. The original database designer never planned to link these servers together, but now we would like to link these together with a MS SQL Server database. I have the Pathworks software package which lets windows clients connect via DECNET, but I have no idea where to get the ODBC drivers, or what to do about the servers all having the same name. If I were to rename them I'm afraid the application we run might fail.

    Also any links to info on version 4.9.1 would be very helpful.

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    I doubt, you'd get ODBC drivers that are compatible to a Server that far behind.

    There is nothing on Sybase site(that I can find). You might want to check with Data Direct themselves, if they would have anything?

    I doubt though!!!

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