while change my database from MSSQL to ORACLE, i have to convert these DBCC statements to some oracle equivalent inbuilt functions...

DBCC DBREINDEX Rebuilds one or more indexes for a table in the specified database.
DBCC INDEXDEFRAG Defragments clustered and secondary indexes of the specified table or view.
DBCC SHRINKFILE Shrinks the size of the specified data file or log file for the related database.
DBCC dllname(FREE) Unloads the specified extended stored procedure dynamic-link library (DLL) from memory.
DBCC SHOWCONTIG Displays fragmentation information for the data and indexes of the specified table.
DBCC SQLPERF Provides statistics about the use of transaction-log space in all databases.
DBCC CHECKIDENT Checks the current identity value for the specified table and, if needed, corrects the identity value.

Neone who has done this earlier please help me out...