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    Question Unanswered: db_create_file_dest - HELP !!

    If we do not specify the db_create_file_dest parameter, by default new DBF files are created in C:\oracle\ora92\database ...

    but, when i change the target directory in the parameter to C:\Inc , it still continues to create new files in C:\oracle\ora92\database ...

    What do I do to rectify this problem becoz i want to create new files in C:\Inc using the above parameter ????


    (Note - I know that we can specify a path at the time of file creation but I wanna see the use of the above parameter) !!

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    A few things to check...

    1. After you set the db_create_file_dest parameter using an ALTER SESSION command, use SHOW PARAMETERS DB_CREATE and see what the new value is. Try copy/pasting the value from there to another command that creates a file, and see if it work.

    2. The directory you specify must already exist, Oracle will not create it.

    3. On Unix only ... the names are case sensitive. You must set this parameter using the same case as the directory name at the operating system level.

    4. You must have operating system permissions on the directory in which you want to create files.

    5. If you have access to the on-line Oracle docs, then check out /server.920/a96521/omf.htm


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