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    Unanswered: Check for end of job

    Hi everyone,

    I'm quite a newbie to SQL and DTS and I need your help!
    HTe situation:
    I've got an Access97 frontend with an SQL7 backend. On the SQL-server I created a job (to execute a DTS package) which is triggered by a custom-error. From the Access-side I raise this error to start excuting the DTS. I do that this way: execute master..xp_logevent 50001, LOG

    This works fine, the job runs and everything, however I need to know when the job has ended. The code that is after this call in Access97 needs to be sure that the DTS-package has finished executing.

    How do I do that, please bear in mind that I'm quite a newbie so simple language please

    TIA, Raymond

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    May be the last step in DTS populates a field in some table, and your Access 97 front end keeps checking that table to see if that field has been updated or not.

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