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    Arrow Unanswered: Web Report Tool for DB2

    Hi NG,

    does anyone have a suggestion for a tool that would provide very basic, read-only access to a DB2 database through a simple HTML-form? The idea is to allow the customer without any SQL- or database-knowledge to access the database only with a web browser.
    This tool schould be able to create customized reports, as well as HTML-forms and dialogs based on the information retrieved from the database.



    _StarTrek_|_Patrick Stewart_|_Captain Jean-Luc Picard_
    _X-Men_|_Hugh Jackman_|_Logan/Wolverine_
    _X-Men_|_Patrick Stewart_|_Professor Charles Xavier_

    (1)The tool automatically runs

    select DISTINCT movie
    from movie-db;

    and creates a form:

    Select Movie:
    ( ) StarTrek
    ( ) X-Men

    (2) The customer selects (x) X-Men and clicks "Next".
    As the result, the tool automatically runs

    select DISTINCT actor
    from movie-db
    where movie='X-Men';

    and creates a form

    Select Actor
    ( ) Patrick Stewart
    ( ) Hugh Jackman

    If the customer selects (x) Patrick Stewart, the tool schould generate a report in form of a HTML-Table like this:

    _X-Men_|_Patrick Stewart_|_Professor Charles Xavier_

    Appreciate everyones help!!!

    Thanks in Advance,

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