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    Unanswered: Bmc Catalog\change Manager

    We work here with BMC Catalog Manager & Change Manager.
    I'm looking for an option like that:
    we have the need to take a certain database, and create it in a different name, and with a different creator for all the objects inside of it (there is only one creator per database).
    Does anyone here know about an automated way to do this stuff ?

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    I don't have access to BMC right now, but you might try changing the database name and building a worklist (but don't submit it). The worklist (assuming that BMC allows one to change the database name) would have drop statements for all the objects in the database and then create statements using the new database name.

    You could then edit the worklist to delete the drop statements, just leaving the create statements using the new database name. I am not sure if this would create all of the needed syntax, but you can try it and look at the worklist to find out.

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    Change Manager - use a migrate type of workid and set up a migrate profile to use with it to change things such as dbname, creator,storage group.
    Catalog Manager - list the databases you want to recreate and then generate the DDL using the 'hddl' (hierarchical) line commend. Save the generated DDL to a dataset where you can globally edit it. More error prone that the Change Man option, and you would have to separately define stogroups since hddl wonn't do it.

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