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    Unanswered: problem with the split function

    hi, I'm a newbee on perl and I have a problem using the simple function split

    I want to use a delimiter as a parameter given by a comand line( i use getopts, and it works ). I store it in the scalar $delimiter in my script, and I want to split a line with it.

    I tried several syntaxes but none is working :

    @array = split ( /$delimiter/, $line );
    @array = split ( /"$delimiter"/, $line );
    @array = split ( $delimiter, $line );
    @array = split ( '$delimiter', $line );
    @array = split ( /\$delimiter/, $line );

    when i do a print $delimiter, it prints the right thing : | (for example )

    and when I do : @array = split ( /\|/, $line ); it works well !
    but 'cause the delimiter can be different : or ; I have to pass It to my script as a parameter

    Has anybody an idea about the split syntax , in that case ?
    I've been searchin' in the perl cookbook, but nothing helps

    I need help !


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    and the (easy) answer is :

    quotemeta ($delimiter);
    @array = split ( /$delimiter/, $line);

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