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    Exclamation Unanswered: DB2 Java Stored Procedure Build Fails


    This is my first post so hopefully it follows the guidelines.

    I'm having problems building/compiling a java stored procedure using the Stored Procedure Builder in DB2. I followed the instructions at the following IBM tutorial:

    Workstation: Windows 2000 sp4
    Database Server: Linux Redhat 8.0 3.2-7 (I think)
    Database on Server: V8.1.0
    - Running DB2 Application Development Client v8 on the workstation
    - When I select the java stored procedure to build I get the following message:

    DB2INST1.checkRetailerCredit - Build started.
    C:\SQLLIB\java\jdk\bin\javac -classpath ".;C:\SQLLIB\java\;C:\SQLLIB\java\runti;C:\SQLLIB\java\" ""
    DB2INST1.checkRetailerCredit - Javac completed.
    C:\SQLLIB\java\jdk\bin\jar cf SQL30920013425760.jar CheckRetailerCredit.class
    DB2INST1.checkRetailerCredit - Jar file created.
    Call sqlj.install_jar ('file:///C|/temp/bld1066682094285/SQL30920013425760.jar', '"DB2INST1".SQL30920013425760', 0)
    [IBM][CLI Driver][DB2/LINUX] SQL1042C An unexpected system error occurred. SQLSTATE=58004

    DB2INST1.checkRetailerCredit - Build failed.
    DB2INST1.checkRetailerCredit - Roll back completed successfully.

    It seems as though the code is getting compiled and a .jar file is created (all on my local workstation). However, when it goes to try and register it in the actual database (which is on the Linux server) using the Call sqlj.install_jar function it fails at that point.

    Is it a configuration problem somewhere? Or is there a service pack out there that will fix this?

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