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    Unanswered: Maintenance Plan and Log size


    How do I delete a Maintenance Plan that I have prepared?

    Also I have my data log growing beyond 8 GB of data. I have around 12 million rows of data in one table and more than 10 million waiting to come in. What do I need to do here? Have another data file for the same database? How does that work? Should I keep the same data file and allow it to grow to say 15-18 GB?

    Also my transaction log keeps growing. It can now hold 8 GB of logs. All I am doing is a simple insert into the big table. I changed the recovery model to Simple ( from Full), and did a shrink log and then it shrank to 50 MB. But the space allocated still remains 8 GB. So now I am thinking that I can change it to say 250 MB and bring back the recovery model to Full. Is that permissible? Any backup log commands associated with a particular mode would be helpful. Please let me know.


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    Easy - just right click the maint plan & delete it.

    If you are importing data during a quiet time ( i.e. after hours ) and you dont need to keep the tran log, you could set the database recovery to SIMPLE while you are importing the data, then set it back to FULL after.
    This stops the tran log becoming huge. You can flick the database into SIMPLE recovery mode, then run a manual checkpoint ( i.e. use QA & type CHECKPOINT then run it ) then run a DBCC SHRINKFILE command for both the database & log files.

    The space allocated remains at 8 GB? Well, if you flick the database into SIMPLE recovery mode, run the shrinkfile command for the log file, you should remove all the emplty space from the tran log. The checkpoint command will write any dirty pages to the database, allowing a clean run at shrinking the tran log. Sometimes however, if you do the same thing in FULL recovery mode, you may not shrink the tran log if the database has uncompleted transactions, which can then stop the tran log shrinking as the LSNs in the tran log may be at odd spots that will stop the tran log from shrinking.

    I'd keep the base size of the tran log as small as possible.



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