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    Unanswered: DB2 service stop

    Hi guys!

    I am facing the following problem:
    DB2 service, called DB2-DB2 stops sometimes by itself and i have to restart it manually. The strange thing is that it happens not every day, but quite often - it works fine 3-4 days, then i go home and next morning it is stopped.
    Has anyone had the similar thing?

    I am using DB2 8.0 on Win2000 server.

    thank you

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    If you have not installed any fixpaks on DB2 version 8, then I would do so.

    If you have DB2 Workgroup Edition, then there may be a problem with going directly to fixpack 3.

    The workaround is as follows:

    1. Go into direcotry ~\sqllib\cfg (i.e. c:\ibm\program files\sqllib\cfg)

    2. Find the file wse.lvl (may also be called wsue.lvl depending on whether you installed Workgroup or Workgroup Unlimited Internet).

    3. Copy wse.lvl into the same directory using a new name called db2wse2.lvl (if that fails try wse2.lvl).

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