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Thread: Need an advice

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    Need an advice


    I have been creating databases for my company for about 1 year using Microsoft Access, and until now it has been enough to fulfill my needs which include several database aplication to handle company work.

    But right now, I am planning an Integrated System which will contain Product, Inquiries and Resources Data for the company; as well as the capability of planning the company production and informing the Inquiries status.

    What plataform do you recommend me to do so? I need something realiable, but easy to learn.

    Thanks in advance,

    Santiago Z

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    If you're upsizing from Access then MS SQL Server will do the Job

    It's a Big Leap in Terms of Cost,Learning Curve & Power

    When I did this I remember saying to myself shortly afterwards "Gee Toto i Guess we're not in Kansas anymore"

    No Doubt the Oraclers will say go Oracle & the Informixers will say go Informix & the MySQLers will Say go MySQL.

    I'll just say Access into SQL Server is Staying with MSoft which is bound to help - for All of MSofts Sins

    Try to see the Relationships between Different Application Data & Bear this in Mind for Future Needs.

    If your Access DB's are small enough and are logically related - put the tables in one DB.

    Theres really no easy Answer for tihs question but from what U Says SQL Server looks better than most.

    "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." - Albert Einstein
    "Everything should be made as complex as possible, so I look Cleverer." - Application Developer

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