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    Unanswered: biggest tables


    Iīd like to select the biggest tables with shema sapr3
    and an output to biggest_tables.txt


    COEP 10000M
    MSEG 5000M

    and nothing else!

    can you help me?

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    Put an inline view in your query that pre-orders your result set, then just select from the inline view. For example, to get your two biggest tables you would select where rownum < 3 of a presorted list of your tables.

    select segment_name "TABLE", bytes/1048576 "MB"
    from (select * from dba_segments order by BYTES desc)
    where rownum < 3;

    if you have multiple segments per table then you need to put the SUM function on line 1 and add a GROUP BY clause. Also, depending on your definition of "biggest" you would replace the BYTES column with other columns, or replace view dba_segments with another view.


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    and with shema sapr3?????????

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