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    Unanswered: Update master/detail pages (urgent)


    I have Detail-Master relationship, but also i want to update the data in the detail.asp.

    Inorder to display a detail.asp, i used a UseriD to store the request.form(ID)from the master.asp. Then in that UserID, i used to retrieve the detail info for that ID.

    But i want to update the retrieved data in the datail.asp ?

    I have added "edit" link in the detail.asp and again used the UserID , so that i will again retrieve detail info in input boxes where i can make changes to it and update.
    But my problem is " the edit link can not capture the USERID".

    IF i put the mouse on the link, i can only see "update_form.asp?ID = "

    How can i capture the userID in teh detail.asp?
    How can be updated detail.asp in Master-detail relationship ??

    This is the code.

    dim oRSmt
    set oRSmt=server.createobject("ADODB.recordset")
    sqlText="Select * from Student WHERE ID="& UserID & ""
    oRSmt.Open sqlText, "DSN=XYSN"
    <!-- Building The Table Header rows -->
    <center> <br><br><br><br><br>
    <TABLE border=1 cellspacing=1>

    <TD COLSPAN=6 ALIGN=CENTER> The Details </TD>
    <TH BGCOLOR=navy><FONT COLOR=white> Student ID</FONT></TH>
    <TH BGCOLOR=navy><FONT COLOR=white> First Name </FONT></TH>
    <TH BGCOLOR=navy><FONT COLOR=white> Last Name </FONT></TH>
    <TH BGCOLOR=navy><FONT COLOR=white> DOB </FONT></TH>



    Do while NOT oRSmt.EOF

    <!-- Build a row of data in the table -->



    Set oRSmt = Nothing


    <p><a href="update_form.asp?ID="oRSmt("& UserID &")>edit</a></p>


    thanks in advance

    Please help

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    What i can see in a code is U have closed the recordset object and after words u r trying to retrive the filed value in HREF
    Finding ways for solution

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