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    Unanswered: Oracle 9i Firewall issue

    Here's a scenario I may be running into soon and wanted to get some feedback.

    I have clients at one site behind a firewall that may need to access an Oracle 9i server at a different site behind another firewall. So two locations, (1) one server with firewall, (2) multiple clients with firewall.

    I haven't used Oracle 9i much at all but I remember from 8i that the server listens on 1521 but responds to the client on a random high port.

    If this is still the case I don't see how I can get responses past the firewall at my remote client location.

    Is there a way to lock the client port to be specific for routing purposes and if I can do this will it limit the number of remote client connections I can have?

    Any info you can provide is appreciated, I just need to get thinking about this.


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    This should only be an issue if you have either Windows NT based database server or you are using MTS.

    For NT you need to set the USE_SHARED_SOCKET in the registry.

    For MTS specify the port id directly in init.ora

    Logon to metalink and find note : 125021.1 for more info


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    We are using NT and potentially Win2k on the server side. Clients are Win2k Pro.

    I don't have a login to metalink but I have looked around for other references to theat article and have found some good info.

    Thanks for you help and I am going to try to get the info I need to register for metalink.

    As you have probably guessed I am not a DBA and this thing has just been thrown at me.

    Found this in another guy's post as well

    Init.ora contains the following entry

    mts_dispatchers= ... port=8000) (5 dispatchers)

    In this scenario i see the designated port as you stated, also there is the dispatchers entry, what exactly is this saying?
    I understand that the Oracle Listener spawns dispatchers to manage connections to clients so my assumption is that this allows 5 clients to maintain connections at a time, all on port 8000. Can you tell me if this is correct?

    Also do you know how many dispatchers I can have on one port?
    and whether I can specify multiple ports for mts_dispatchers to increase the number of client connections?

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