I have a MS SQL Server 2000 running with some tables running under Windows XP. Now I want to create a linked tabel in MS Access to MS SQL Server 2000 so that I can work with all the tables from the SQL Server in MS Access.

In MS Access I made a linked table to SQL Server. But when I open this table in Access, in all the fields appears the word "#REMOVED". I can't see any of the data that is in the table while it appears normaly when I open the table in the SQL Server.
Another strange thing is, that when I make an export to a text-file from the table in MS Access, where all the fields say "#REMOVED", all the original data is exported to the text-file. So all the data seems to be in the table, but it does not show it to me.

Does anyone know how to fix this problem? I think I have to change some settings in MS Access or in MS SQL Server, but I can't find anything.