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    Unanswered: Access2000: Unable to use SELECT QUERY in control source for text box on form.

    Re-posted as original post was confusing and full of typos :-

    I have written a simple database to catalogue my music collection.
    I decided to include summary info on the form, i want to use the COUNT statement to provide this sumarry info.

    However I cant get this to work as the control source in a text box. The query works fine and runs without errors, but if i simply cannont copy and past the SQL code into the Control source box and get it to run without a problem, on the form I get NAME#? inside the text box.

    SQL Query :-
    SELECT Count([Albums].[Album]) AS [counter]
    FROM Albums
    WHERE (((Albums.[Media Format])="C"));

    I can use a simple count but as soon as use the SELECT statement it all falls apart.

    Can anyone please help and explain why I have this problem.

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    =dcount("Album","Albums","[Media Format])='C' ")

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