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    Question Unanswered: Shutdown database


    As I am mostly an ORACLE DBA, I am not used with all the possibilities of SQL SERVER 2000.

    Is it possible in SQL SERVER 2000 to CLOSE or SHUTDOWN only ONE DATABASE whithout stopping totally SQL SERVER (as I can do in ORACLE for one database) ?

    If not, which is the best way to move the database in such a state so I can be sure that :

    - all changes have been applied and committed

    - nobody can access the database anymore.

    Thanks in advance


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    Place the database in single user mode, dbo only. When you're logged in, then no-one else can access the db (even when using the same logon). Flipside is that you won't be able to get in if another dbo is logged in.

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    you could market the db as read only, one can read but NOT make changes or detach the db, this would prevent ANY access. Both of these options are covered in Books Online.
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