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    Unanswered: Regular expressions in Sql Server?


    I'm using MS SQL Server 2000 and am trying to execute a select where I want a column to match this regular expression:


    as would be defined in Perl (btw, the "|" is a pipe, not an L )

    $KEY would be subsituted by some text I'm querying for.

    I tried using LIKE with "[(%|)[]]$KEY[[](|%)]", eg:

    select * from mytable m
    where m.a like '[(%|)[]]$KEY[[](|%)]'

    but it didn't work (again, the $KEY is replaced with text when I'm executing. I just have it here for an example). Is there any way I could get around this problem? I would really appreciate any help.


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    the best you will do is "%|$Key|%", ie, a string that starts with something, has a pipe char, the string you are looking for, a pipe char, ending with something.

    I believe "\|" in perl is how you specify a literal "|".

    Regular expressions are not supported in TSQL! There are some simple expressions but not what a perl or python programmer is used to.
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