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    Unanswered: Connection Pooling


    we have an application we want to use connection pooling for.

    It is an ASP FrontEnd with IIS5.0 Webserver connecting to a DB2 UDB 7.2 FP8 via ODBC.

    What we see is, that some users use the pool and some not.

    It seems to depend on a combination of application and OS User. When the same OS user is used they use the pool, when not they are not using it. We have this combination due to some users are in trusted domains (can't use pooling) and some not (use pooling because of the same user in our domain).

    Does anybody knows if there is a way to solve this and to use pooling even for authentificated users??



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    I am not certain, but you may want to look at DB2 Connect and see if that will help you with pooling.

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