Hi everybody,

I wrote this code:

<script language="JavaScript">

function changeliste_reacteur() {

<% Dim sqlselect_test, rssqlselect_test, res, req

sqlselect_test = " SELECT [id] FROM [BIZMANAG].[dbo].[CLIENT_FINAL] WHERE raffineur = 'TFE' "

Set rssqlselect_test = dbconn.Execute(sqlselect_test)

res= rssqlselect_test("id") %>

document.testc.testi.outerHTML="<% = res %>"


I would like to know how can I replace the value "TFE" in the query by a variable given by a listbox. I know I have to use Request.form() but it don't take it as a variable due to a bad syntax I think.

Thank U