I have these Access reports that I run twice a week for clients. I wrote a VB script that groups the records by a specific field and then generates a report for that field. The field goes from 01 to 37 but not all these have reports every week. Sometimes I will only 05, 16, 30 etc. The VB script prints the report and also generates an RTF file.

The problem that I encounter is that for some reason it skips some of the reports. Sometimes, the RTF file exists but there's no printout. Sometimes, there is a printout and there's an RTF file but the RTF file contains the wrong data(e.g. an RTF file named 06.doc contains 05's)

What do you think is the problem? I tried adding timers/delays before the actual VB statement that prints and exports the file and it seems to work but sometimes I will still have the same problems.