Hi there,

So, We have a Xeon 1.6 (single for now) server with 2 gigs of ram and win2k server on it.

It runs mssql 2000 and nothing else.

We have about 50 people doing a whole lot of selecting and inserting.. Salesman and telemarketers mainly, + some small-ish DTS packages running every 5 minutes or so. All our apps (call tracking, sales) use php/mssql/apache.

I didn't get the error message above until I began tracking users. Every single page they view inserts a new row into a tiny table w/ no indexing. We have a Web server running apache/php/freetds that connects to mssql. It's a Red Hat 9 box w/ dual 550's.

Sometimes I even get DB connect errors displayed on the page (this one is emailed to me), so it seems like something fills up on resources and the server just looks like it doesn't exist.

These are only on insert commands.

I heard I can do an insert command that waits until a connection is free.

I got this error sometimes, and only when everyone's using the DB (obviously).. Perhaps at some magical moment where everyone clicks at the same time. But now the other 1/2 of the team is being tracked, and I get these errors more often, as does everyone else.

There's a DTS package that runs on it that has nothing to do with the server (DTS's another SQL Server, don't ask why) starting today, and we get more timeouts on that job as opposed to where it used to reside. So perhaps that indicates resource issues on the win2k server?

Any ideas on where to start looking or insert tips? Sorry for the REALLY long post!