I'm trying to update a table which hold some rebate information. I have a query which I parsed some data out and holds the information which I need to update the table... My SQL is below

UPDATE Approved_Details_Table INNER JOIN rcf_good ON Approved_Details_Table.Rebate_Approved_ID = rcf_good.Rebate_Approved_ID SET Approved_Details_Table.Check_Date = [rcf_good]![checkdate], Approved_Details_Table.Check_Number = [rcf_good]![checknumber], Approved_Details_Table.Mail_Date = [rcf_good]![maildate], Approved_Details_Table.Check_Amount = [rcf_good]![amount], Approved_Details_Table.Outsourced = True, Approved_Details_Table.Paid = True
WHERE (((Approved_Details_Table. Rebate_Approved_ID)=[rfc_good]![Rebate_Approved_ID

It keeps telling me Operation Must Use An Updateable Query.

rfc_good is the query which holds the data which I'm trying to update the Approved_Details_Table.

Thank you.