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    Question Unanswered: Queries Across Servers

    Hey all,

    Is there a way to qualify a table name or whatever with the SQL name as well? We have serveral SQL Servers and I want to be able to update/query multiple SQL Servers from one statement.

    For example:

    select * from "is-dbdev".master.dbo.sysfiles

    where "is-dbdev" is the name of the server. Can you do this? I have not had any luck thus far...and I get errors when I try to add the other SQL Server as a linked server.

    Can anyone help?

    Thank you.

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    You have to add the remote server as a linked server, you also have to have a linked server login. Lookup sp_addlinkedserver in BOL.

    Once added the syntax is


    Ray Higdon MCSE, MCDBA, CCNA

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