1st of all newbie with SQL Server, Oracle DBA by trade, so excuse me if my wording is too Oracle-eze...


Have an application that uses some Mertech middleware to convert native ISAM calls into SQL. Need to trace a problem and have successfully created large SQL Profiler trace tables but don't get how it deals with bind variables;

What I see is the following (weeded out of course);
Event: RPC: Starting
declare @P1 int
set @P1=NULL
declare @P2 int
set @P2=229378
declare @P3 int
set @P3=294916
declare @P4 int
set @P4=NULL
exec sp_cursorexecute 192, @P1 output, @P2 output, @P3 output, @P4 output, 1
select @P1, @P2, @P3, @P4

So at this point @P1 has a value but how do I display it without making mods to the application (e.g. debug statements). In oracle I can trace an app and display the actual values of bind variables, can I do this with SQL Profiler?