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    Unhappy Unanswered: Universe and VB.Net


    Is anyone connected VB.Net application to Universe 9.6 or higher??? Any help will be excellent.

    I am trying to create the dlls in which will perform all the read and writes to the Universe database. When performing read operation the (I am hoping) that the dll will return some sort of DataSet that I can bind to a DataGrid.

    I have already created an application in VB6 and the dll works fine it returns me the data as well....but I just want to create them in VB.Net so that I can return a DataSet rather than an ADO recordset.

    Can some one please help. So far I can connect VB.Net to Universe call some subroutines of Universe but just cant get the Universe Object to convert into a DataSet or DataTable..... Please help!!!!!

    Thanks in advance....

    Aisha Chaudhry

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    I'd appreciate help too. I haven't been able to connect Unidk(Unioledb) and CSDK2.81(oledb) to UNIVERSE ver10(on Unix). Could someone help me?..... is CSDK2.81 suittable for UNIVERSE 10(on Unix)???...or do I have to use it's UniDK's CD?

    hola, les agradecería me orientaran. He tratado de conectarme a UNIVERSE ver10( sobre Unix) mediante OLEDB desde el Cliente UniDK (UniOLEDB) y utilizando CSDK2.81 y en ambos la coneccion falla. Mi cliente es un Win2003 server. El oledb original del CD de Universe 10 es UniOledb, pero simplemente no me mustra la info y ya intente varias cosas, y con CSDK2.81 me mustra en error -908. ¿ Cual es más apropiado? o de plano no hay soporte suficiente de IBM para UNIVERSE con OLEDB??


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