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    Unanswered: Connecting to Progress through ODBC with unix auth

    I am working with a progress 8.3b database without a user list set up. By default progress will use unix usernames and uid's if this list is not created.

    My problem is connecting to this database through ODBC. Is there a way I can connect to this database and authenticate with unix user names and password. If not, is there a way to create an account for ODBC to use, while preserving the os style security that is already set up.

    I am using the java jdbc-odbc bridge to talk to progress from java. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    Blank user-id and p/w are only supported under SQL89. You can still use SQL89 w/ Progress v9 using startup params.

    The following is from the datadirect website (they write the merant odbc drivers for Progress)


    Does the Progress ODBC 3.60 or DataDirect 4.10 SQL-92 Progress driver support a blank user id and password when connecting with an application?


    Progress does not support a blank user id and password when using the Progress 9.x SQL-92 engine with ODBC. This is a security feature of SQL92. A valid SQL user id and password must be created by the Progress DBA (sysprogress).

    To workaround this feature Progress 9.x provides both the SQL-89 and SQL-92 engine. Using the Progress documentation and setup options, a Progress Broker (OIB) can be started, which allows a user to use the Progress 9.x SQL-89 engine. The user will then be able to pass a blank user id and password.

    *NOTE* The ODBC Progress 3.60 and DataDirect 4.10 SQL-92 driver cannot connect to a SQL-89 engine, only the SQL-92 engine. The DataDirect ODBC 4.0 Progress 7/8 driver will connect to a SQL-89 engine, but not the SQL-92 engine.

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