I have been having some problems with importing files into SQL Server using DTS. I am hoping someone can help me. Every time I try to import a text file (in 'CSV' format) the file gets loaded into my database as a new table with the name of the original file. I am trying to load the CSV file into a table which I created previously, but it doesn't work. To do a successful DTS import into the proper table I am forced to convert the CSV file into an Excel file first and then go thru the process.

Another thing I would like very much to be able to do is to concatenate (i.e. lump together) several files during the DTS import process. In other words, it would be great if I could take 4 or 6 source files and load them all into the SQL Server table in one shot.

If anyone can make some useful suggestions on these 2 questions I would be very appreciative.

Many thanks in advance!