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    Question Unanswered: System Command Error!

    TRY TO RUN A UNIX SCRIPT IN A STORED PROCEDURE USING THE SYSTEM COMMAND. I GOT THIS ERROR. SQL statement error number -668. System Command cannot be executed. System error number -1. Not owner. The user login name that I use to create the procedure is the same login name that I use to run my program. I also did the chmod 777 * to all the files. Also I did Grant the permission to public in the sql.

    My code in the procedure is this : SYSTEM './u/stand/'
    Is it correct ? Did I forgot to do something else?
    Your help is much appreciated. tnx.

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    First, I'll assume that the script you are trying to execute runs problem-free from which ever userid invoked the Informix instance (ie. informix or root).

    Second, as opposed to invoking the script as an executable (ie. ./ you might try invoking a shell to run the script (ie. sh ./ The environment that the system command executes in might not have a proper default shell "wired" into it.
    Fred Prose

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