I'm in the position where I am migrating a Access 2002 DB to SQL Serv' 7.

I'm seeking some help, specifically how to write a SP to emulate the results that an Access crosstab query generates.

I've done a some research, and read several articles on rewriting aggregate type crosstabs, but these haven't helped (or I haven't understood what they were pointing out!)

I'm new to the game and would appreciate any help

Here's the Crosstab query...
TRANSFORM First(IIf([ExtraAbbrv] Is Not Null,True,False)) AS test
SELECT tblStock.StockID AS ExtraStockID
FROM (tblExtra INNER JOIN tblStockExtra ON tblExtra.ExtraID = tblStockExtra.ExtraID) INNER JOIN tblStock ON tblStockExtra.StockID = tblStock.StockID
WHERE (((tblStock.Sold)=0))
GROUP BY tblStock.StockID
PIVOT tblExtra.ExtraHeader;

The result set generated lists each stock item as a row, a (-1) value for a row - column intersection indicates a stock item 'has' the associated extra.

Here's a typical result set (in Access)...
ExtraStockID 4wd alloyWheels Bullbars
43 -1 -1
54 -1 -1
56 -1
76 -1

Table structure for tblExtra...
ExtraID ExtraDesc ExtraAbbrv ExtraHeader Group
01 4 wheel 4WD 4wd 14
07 Alloy wheels AW alloyWheels 12
09 Bull Bars BB BullBars 23

Table structure for tblStockExtra...
ExtraStockID StockID ExtraID
01 22 01
02 45 04
03 45 05
04 67 45

Thanks in advance!