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    Unanswered: Highlight cell problem...

    Hey all.. I am trying to implement this nice calling system, where you are able to call a number which stands in your Excel sheet just by holdnig shift down and right clicking on the mouse... Now I would like to implement this into a macro, and make it possible to call the number just by pressing an F key. But to be able to do this I need to find a way to highlight the content of a cell, through my code... And then I would use the sendkey option to simulate the shift and right click. My problem is, I dont know how to highligt the cell by code. I can do it by going to edit mode on a cell (press F2) and then do it by hand, but how do you do it by code, because the macro recorder dont get the mouse clicks, and highligthing... Plz help.

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    Try .Activate for a cell
    (or .Select for a Range)

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