Please, can anyone help me?

I'm having problems with stored procedures compilation in DB2 8.1.2:

Server is under AIX 4.3.3. e I use development center under windows client . When I try to compile a stored procedure using JDBC or SQLJ, I'm getting the output below:

"Call sqlj.install_jar ('file:///C|/Documents and Settings/usuariodin.000/Application Data/IBM/DB2/DC/Projetos/bld1066994991375/SQL30922032256840.jar', '"DB2ICREA".SQL30922032256840', 0)
[IBM][CLI Driver][DB2/6000] SQL4302N Java Stored Procedure or Java UDF defined by user "sqlejReadJar", specified name "SQL031024093055860" was aborted with exception "The file access permissions do not all". SQLSTATE=38501".


Erick Mendes