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    Unanswered: SQl Server Performance

    Since, I am new to Database world, I would like you all to forgive my ignornace and pls pour in your sguuestions and help. thanks in advance!

    Objective: To set up a machine ( desktop ) to run a Database ( like SQL Server / Oracle...etctec ) which can log incoming data, that grows to the size of 10MB of Textual Data Files ( each file is about 2Kb) at the end of a single day.
    Number of Fields in the Table = 15 (Max).

    The Machine that I have: Deaktop PC running,
    Win 2k / XP
    Processor: 1Ghz Pentium
    Ram: 1GB;
    Hdisk: 40GB

    Is this enough ? We are planning on buying a RAID disk to back up data. How is that going to affect the choice of Database we are going to use ? Do we really need a RAID ? or a fast SCSI disk ?


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    Thumbs up SQl Server Performance

    I have seen the configurations. At this point of time it is good enough though you haven't mentioned much about the application. For example how many concurrent users are going to use the application?

    Apparently the RAM, Speed and HDD looks OK.

    As far RAID and SCSI are concerned...why do you have options like either RAID or SCSI? They are two different issues.

    If you data is too important, I suggest you go for RAID but before going for the same make a study on which RAID level you would need.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Dipayan Sarkar
    (CoVisible Solutions - a Knowledge Management Company)

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    the amount of traffic you're describing is hardly a concern with the configuration that you have (in fact your ram may be an overkill, but don't worry about it, the more the merrier)

    don't worry about raid or scsi (though points given by tampu are all valid). we're talking about a growth of 3.6G a year, at the most. in addition you haven't mentioned your purging requirements, so i think the disk size and its type are very-very fine.

    backups? do you disk dumps, then turn around and put them on tape. if you want to demonstrate rapid recovery capabilities, keep retention period on disk for 2 days befor overlaying it.

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