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    Database Harware Requirements and Design Criteria

    Since, I am new to Database world, I would like you all to forgive my ignornace and pls pour in your sguuestions and help. thanks in advance!

    Objective: To set up a machine ( desktop ) to run a Database ( like SQL Server / Oracle...etctec ) which can log incoming data, that grows to the size of 10MB of Textual Data Files ( each file is about 2Kb) at the end of a single day.
    Number of Fields in the Table = 15 (Max).

    The Machine that I have: Deaktop PC running,
    Win 2k / XP
    Processor: 1Ghz Pentium
    Ram: 1GB;
    Hdisk: 40GB

    Is this enough ? We are planning on buying a RAID disk to back up data. How is that going to affect the choice of Database we are going to use ? Do we really need a RAID ? or a fast SCSI disk ?


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    Well, I'm not much of a hardware guy, but I guess you need to explain a little more beyond that.

    Hardware requirements depend heavily on the number of concurrent users you're planning to have, also on the connection type (is this over a lan, on the internet, how much bandwidth will you have?).

    Will you have some users uploading data while others will executing read queries or perhaps other update queries?

    If you're setting up the hardware to act as an archival machine, where all data is to be uploaded by a single user or connection, then you don't need anything else.

    Do you need RAID? well... how important is to have your data safeguarded? If you'll be running a mission-critical real time data server then YES, by all means you need a SCSI-RAID.

    Impact? RAID its suppossed to be transparent, specially SCSI.

    Maybe a hardware guy could give better insight, but at least you have an opinion.

    hope this helps

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