I'm looking to combine several fileformats in one whole (brochure or catalogue):
- Database works with .BTR files (can also be converted to .XML files)
- Images in JPG or Bitmap (must be qualitatively good for printing)
- Pricelist in excell (can also be converted to .CSV files)

How can I combine all those fileformats? It MUST be possible to update/change the pages (text,images, links to prices) catalogue easy and ALSO adjusting the pagenumbering! It also has to be relativly small (for the internet) AND should be easy to printout!

I had in mind for using MS Word and then convert the whol to PDF file but then I have those large files who sometimes crash because there are to many images in it and alse open really slow.
To put everything in HTML could also be a solution (embedding XML and linking to other fileformats) BUT then you have the problem with pagenumbering and printing out within marges.
I heared that MS Office Binder seems to be a good tool, but can I work with all those fileformats?

Solutions? Comments? Please let me know

Tnx in advance!
Tom L.