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    Unanswered: collecting data from different mdbs

    Dear netters,

    I'm trying to set up a db architecture for a community school environment with the following restrictions:
    - each school uses a simple application, storing data in an an .mdb file
    - school data must asynchronously update a central server (SQL server) that stores data from all the school files and publishes them on the www
    - no permanent interner connection is guaranteed (schools work offline and update the server periodically)

    I'm checking MS solutions for the above requirements. Is "replication" the right place to start? Should I look into some other capability of Ms products (wharehousing?)?

    I would appreciate some guidelines on how to organise my search for solutions.

    Thanx in advance,


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    Mail the req's and I'd be glad to rates!

    No replication is not the place to start..

    A entity relationship model is...

    Actually a process model diagram is....

    It's a Great Day for America everybody!

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    The physical order of data in a database has no meaning.

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    come on, we're talking about school system here! they can't afford to pay teachers the rate that they deserve! ...and what are your rates?

    but you're right, - process model combined with the erd will give us an idea here on how to tackle this.

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