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    Unanswered: Server problems

    I work for a small business and as part of our operation we need to download our complete client database from a network server to a lap-top computer for use out of hours. I understand that I will need a stan-alone server to do this and that some sort of 'card' is required to dump the information. I have no idea beyond that what I am talking about so if anyone can help, please bear in mind that I am a computer dunce and need as many diagrams as possible.


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    Its a bit rude they are asking you to do this with no knowledge of computers......crazy actually ( no offence ) but its not a straight forward task....

    The laptop needs a network card ( this allows it to access the same network as the existing database servers are on) and also a copy of sql server installed on the laptop.

    Once thats done, take a backup copy of the client database and restore it onto the laptop under sql server. Then you will be able to see the database on the laptop.

    PLEASE - get help from your computer guys before you do this.

    Post back if problems.



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