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    Unanswered: Good SysAdmin Responsibilities


    I'm one in an IT department of 3, and while my primary role is application development, I'm also the DBA by default. I know enough to make everything work and troubleshoot problems, etc.

    We do alot of everything: Replication, Linked Servers, and soon we'll be starting clustering.

    What I'm wondering is what kind of actions should I be doing on a regular basis to maintain and ensure that all my db's (my babies) are healthy and running optimally. DBCC commands, watching my indexes, statistics, etc.

    I know this is a large question, so pointing me to certain books, whitepapers, websites, etc is totally fine.

    Any help would be appreciated!


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    Wow...where to start...

    Do you know what your recovery model is?

    I would make sure that you set up maint plans (1 for systems dbs, 1 per every other database) immediatley...that's the easiest way....

    I write procedures to perform these tasks though...there are more options available...

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    Right now I'm using a Simple Recovery method.

    Right now DB's really aren't backed up regularly, I run them from time to time. That's my main focus now - getting my database backups scheduled and my recovery model nailed down.

    I've setup DB Maintainence Plans, the App Dev guy in me though likes to know specifically what's being done.

    Would setting up one DB Maint Plan that just Reorgs Data, Removes Space and Test Integrity for all my DB's that's run once a week be ok? Or do I really need one for each DB? I would handle backups differently.


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