We are moving off of our current AIX servers to new hardware. As such I need to migrate our databases to the new hardware. Some questions:

1. move db2 database from server A to server B keep same version
of database and OS with DB2 UDB 7.2+FP6 on AIX 5.2L both 32 bit

2. storage- the database is on raw volumes will keep existing storage
but new hardware server for internal drives


1. What is best way to move database over to new server?
2. Do I need to re-install DB2 UDB 7.2 and Fixpak server software
on the server?
3. Do I need to install fresh copies of DB2 UDB 7.2 binaries on the
new hardware ?

Here is the confusion:
Our Unix sysadmin told me he is relocating all of the filesystems and
volume groups to new storage and server hardware.

Any suggestions on best way to do this? Thanks!