I have a problem with MySQL replication, the slave gets this error after awhile everytime I reload it with a fresh copy from the master:

"query 'INSERT DELAYED INTO......' partially completed on the master and was aborted. There is a chance that your master is inconsistent at this point. If you are sure that your master is ok, run this query manually on the slave and then restart the slave with SET GLOBAL SQL_SLAVE_SKIP_COUNTER=1; SLAVE START; "

2 servers on different networks but I've checked and it doesn't seem like a time-out or network-related problem. System config: master is a Dual Xeon 2Ghz, 1.5G RAM, RH7.3, MySQL 4.0.14-standard-log; slave is a Celeron 1.4Ghz 512MB RAM, RH9, MySQL 4.0.15-standard-log.The master has quite a few update/insert per secs compared to the number of selects. It's a logging system so INSERT DELAYED is used for speed thing up a bit. If anyone could shred some light on this issue, I'd really appreciate that.