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    I am trying to find a replacement for MS Access. The only interoperability feature I use is exporting data to excel. I need to be able to make tables, queries, forms, reports, modules, relationships or database triggers, and access to the back end via Word or WordPerfect.
    It would be nice to be able to create some web pages for entering or viewing holiday schedules among other things too.

    Can FoxPro do all of this and in what language are it modules coded?
    What else can do all this and what language do they use?

    I have background in Oracle's plsql, c, and a bit of c++, but I've been using vba for the past few years. One feature I liked about Oracle forms is that each form could be saved to its own file. When I modified the Order form, I did not have to send all forms, reports, etc. Do any of the other solutions have this capability?

    Any thoughts?
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