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    Unanswered: jinitiator and windos 2000


    rolling out a citrix metaframe xp server which runs on a windows 2000 platform. we have various oracle databases we access which require serveral different jinits, for now i'm running with &

    we have 2 applications F1 (jinit 7.27) and F3 (jinit 8.16). If I install jinit 7.27 by itself on the server, regardless or user privledges F1, will not run. If I install jinit 8.16 by itself, once again regardless of privledges F1 will not run.

    If I have jinits 7.27 and 8.16 installed together, F1 will run but it utilizes jinit 8.16, but only when utilizing a user account with admin privledges. accounts with no admin privledges won't run F1 at all. if the std user account get made part of a group with admin privledges F1 will run with 8.16.

    It is OK that F1 utilizes 8.16, as it has been approved by the DBAs and compliant, however getting F1 to run without making the user part of the admin groups is my biggest dilema.

    please help, thanks.

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    Just adding another question about Citrix:

    When using Forms Builder through Citrix, are users required to start their own Java service, or can it be shared amongst users on the same Citrix server?

    Anyone successfully implemented this development environment?


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